Be Deliberate, Discover Your Passion and Pursue it – Isaac Sesi

Though Ghana is the secretariat for the Africa Continental Free Trade, the largest global market, it presents opportunities to ease the difficulty in doing business. That way, the economic environment will be an incentive to inspire entrepreneurs to be more creative and innovative. Currently, Ghana’s rank on the Doing Business index by World Bank has dropped from 114th in 2012 to 118th in 2020 out of 190 countries.

The Doing Business Index looks at indicators including starting a Business, Dealing with construction permits, Getting Electricity, Registering property, paying taxes, Getting Credit, Protecting minority investors, trading across borders, resolving insolvency, and labor market regulation. The entrepreneurial journey is not an easy one. It sounds great to find solutions to serve your fellow man for a reward. However, there are a lot of challenges in this regard, whether seen or unseen. Aspiring entrepreneurs have no hope of benefiting from government business support funds.

As individuals and students who aspire to be entrepreneurs, it is important to learn from successful entrepreneurs. Fortunately, the Opportunity Summit in Ghana which took place at the Lecture Theatre, KNUST School of Medicine and Dentistry on 27th March 2021 and organized by Young Africans for Opportunities had Isaac Sesi, CEO of Sesi Technologies, as Guest Speaker. The event sought to ignite entrepreneurship and create a future of independent young Africans under the theme; Job Creation Opportunities: Developing Assets and Conscious Resources for Life after School.

Mr. Isaac Sesi was speaking on the topic; Building Yourself Up for Life after School, at the Opportunity Summit in Ghana. He shared his journey and mentioned it is possible to succeed as an entrepreneur once you discover your passion and build skills to suit it. He shared with participants to follow his initiative on sharing practical insights for growing business on his YouTube Chanel. He mentioned that he always enjoys solving problems even in his senior high school days.

His problem-solving attitude helped the realization that smallholder grain farmers lose up to 30% of their grains and their potential income as a result of post-harvest losses. The main causes include poor drying, the high moisture content in grains, and poor storage which lead to spoilage. This was a challenge that Sesi Technologies sought to mitigate and with the help of his team, GrainMate was invented to check the moisture in grains. This is a solution that has impacted 1500+ smallholder farmers, 37 farm-based organizations, and more than 600 GrainMate moisture meters in use. To wit, more grains (300MT) have been protected. The GrainMate product is solving the simple but persistent problem which contributes to 20% of Sub-Sahara cereal output lost according to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization.

Mr. Sesi revealed that his association with creative people brought him a lot of opportunities. Therefore, it is significant to build a network of people that will contribute to your progress as an entrepreneur. He also mentioned that he had big dreams. Accordingly, though the dream of enrolling in MIT did not actualize, along the line, he got the opportunity to attend EmTech Conference at MIT, he said.

Personally, sometimes we fail to achieve some of our dreams but it’s good to have them anyway. Let’s focus and work towards achieving the dreams. Having a dream is one way to know the direction and where you want to be.

Mr. Isaac Sesi added that young individuals must discover their passion and pursue them. He said once you discover your passion, it helps you to build your skills in the direction of your passion. That way, you do things deliberately and also employers will then chase after you. So he encouraged young individuals aspiring to be entrepreneurs to build their skills based on their passion.

Isaac Sesi, CEO of Sesi Technologies, Founder of Invent Electronics, and Co-founder and Vice President at Nsesa Foundation. He is a leading giant in advancing technological solutions to the back-bone of African’s economy, thus Agriculture. He is known for creating an affordable fix for one of the most mystifying problems for farmers in Africa. GrainMate, a product of Sesi Technology, allows farmers and grain purchasers to affordably measure moisture levels of maize, rice, wheat, millet, sorghum, and other staples. The GrainMate innovative product by Master Isaac Sesi and his team is saving farmers from losing their harvest since moist crops from one farmer risk spoiling the entire batch.

The Opportunity Summit event was organized by Young Africans for Opportunities in collaboration with KNUST Students’ Parliament House, College of Humanities and Social Science, and the International Association of Students in Agricultural and Related Sciences with support from Atlas Network (USA), Kingscel Technologies, Institute for Liberty and Policy Innovation.

Article by

Nathaniel Dwamena

He is the Programs Manager at Young Africans for Opportunities. He engages in activities that promote principles of a free society and free market.

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