Blockchain In Agriculture Event was Impactful; YAFO-KNUST

Technology has long been making waves in Agriculture, the earlier one adopts new and improved ways of farming, the yield will be your witness. Don’t be a laggard when it comes with use of Technology.

Young Africans for Opportunities -KNUST in line with My Africa, My Future program, which seeks to speak and find solutions to tropical problems affecting Africa, partnered with the International Association of Agricultural Students and Other Related Sciences (IAAS-KNUST) organized a successful event on 20th October, 2018 at the faculty of Agriculture lecture theatre at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST).

Agriculture has been said to be the backbone of Africa’s economy. The was dubbed under the theme; The Use of Blockchain Technology in Agriculture. The event recorded one hundred and seventy (170) participants.

The speaker event featured Mr. Abdul-Rahman Sarpong, who is also the head at Center for Blockchain and Management Information Systems (CBMIS) at the Institute for Liberty and Policy Innovation (ILAP), Mr. Abdullah, Dash-Hub Africa Ambassador, Mr. Nathaniel Dwamena, YAFO programs manager and Mr. Matthew Mensah, CEO of MatMens.

Mr. Abdul-Raman lecture covered a range of topics including types, importance and use of blockchain technology. Blockchain technology helps to increased food safety, reduced food fraud, improve payment assurance.

He stressed that on food safety; When a food-borne illness outbreak occurs, stores need to quickly remove items from the shelf to stop it from spreading. Identifying contaminated items is difficult, though, when food passes through so many hands. One item might also contain ingredients from various farms around the country. In the end, to stay on the safe side, most stores end up throwing away more than they needed to. This costs businesses and consumers lots of money. With blockchain, however, they would have a detailed record of an item’s origins. Every point in the supply chain from farm to processor to store would log information in the blockchain about the item, enabling the store to more easily track down the affected items.

He added that,

“Blockchains also provide transparency. Transactions are public and freely inspectable, thus it is transparency for institutions and significantly reduce the possibility of corruption and misuse of funding. virtually impossible to hide anything. This aspect of the blockchain can be used to provide better”.

Furthermore, Mr. Abdul-Raman explained how blockchain works in the agricultural industry using charts and pictures.

In addition, Mr. Abdullah, introduced participants to Dash digital coin and how it works on the blockchain in making payment. He demonstrated to some volunteers who had downloaded dash wallet during his presentation. He bought free mobile recharged card and freebies to some lucky volunteers.

Mr. Nathaniel Dwamena, made a presentation on opportunities within the organization, thus Young Africans for Opportunities (YAFO). He encouraged students to participate in the ongoing National Undergraduate Essay Competition, launched by YAFO and slated to end on 30th, October, 2018. He also explained how free market can help increase farmers income.

More so, Mr. Matthew Mensah motivated participants to unleash the soldier in them.  The President of YAFO-KNUST, Mr. Jesse Kokroko Seyno, talked about YAFO-KNUST and entreated interested participant to join the movement to breaking barriers and enable opportunities. Mr. Richard Adu, president of IAAS-KNUST, also impacted participants to start taking initiative in agriculture.

In the end, we had a great, educative and exciting event. Big Thanks to all YAFO-KNUST and IAAS-KNUST executives for such team work exhibited, we hope to do more. God bless every participant who took time out to attend the event, let’s make good use of everything we learnt and the opportunities as well.

We Are YAFO!


Stephanie Efua Yamoah

Stephanie is one of the maiden YAFO Ambassadors and Vice President of YAFO-KNUST.

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