Education is a means to an end, not the destination – Kojo Mbri

Interacting with students is an opportunity Mr. Kojo Mbri appreciates as a formal educator of the University of Cape Coast (UCC). He joined the Young and Employable workshop organized by Young Africans for Opportunities, UCC in partnership with International Student Fellowship and Marricke Gane Consulting Ltd on 23rd November, 2019 at the Jane Opoku Agyamang Auditorium, UCC.

Mr. Kojo Mbri seized the opportunity to make students realized the goal of education. He expanded that Education is a means to an end, not the destination. Every student perceives to become successful after completing school. However, the reality of the world makes a lot of young graduates think of themselves as failures, the moment they don’t see success after school.

After school, one must thrive to use the acquired knowledge to become better off. Education is the means to help you build a successful career. Success is a gradual process and you must be determined to be excellent as you apply your knowledge to achieve your desired goal.

He admonished also that, being educated is a privilege that every parent has toil to see their children enjoy. Therefore, students should make the most of the advantage they have gained. Some parents didn’t have an education yet they have managed to be successful and ensure that their children are not deprived of education. Every parent hopes that their wards do more than them. Therefore, every sacrifice parents make is for students to become much better in the future.

It would be counter-productive if an uneducated parent can produce 30 bags of cocoa, your education, say in agriculture, should enable you to help your parents produce more bags of cocoa and not less. This is because you are privileged to have an education. Let’s use education as the means to make life better for ourselves, parent and society.

In conclusion, Mr. Kojo Mbri admonished students at the event to build a network and find a relevant stepping stone to propel them for a bright future.

Young Africans for Opportunities (YAFO) is a registered non-profit and non-commercial organization with a core aim to connect students, young professionals and entrepreneurs to opportunities and advancing free-market principles for a prosperous future.

Article by

Barbara Ofosu

She is an Ambassador and President of Young Africans for Opportunities at University of Cape Coast (YAFO-UCC)

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