Enlightenment of the Electorates: YAFO Presidential Debate with Association of Students of English KNUST

Young Africans for Opportunities-KNUST in collaboration with the Association of Students of English, KNUST organized a fourth edition of the “YAFO Presidential Debate for Departments, Faculties and Colleges” on the 11th of March,2019 at CCB, FFWD 4 & 5 at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST).

The debate was dubbed; Enlightenment of the Electorates: Who to vote for and why. The aspirants: Mr. Seth Baidoo, Mr. Samuel Kwaku Boateng Jechie and Mr. Benjamin Nii Odoi Ashley debated among themselves on Policy, Academics, Finance, Accountability, Transparency and Welfare issues.

Prior to the conduct of elections, Mr. Nathaniel Dwamena asked each aspirant to highlight their major policy and how they intended to achieve this policy. He also asked if they each had a vision of continuity when they come to office with regards to any of the previous administration’s projects, to which they answered in the affirmative.

Mr. Theophilus Affram Brewu a panelist for the debate questioned the aspirants in light of the measures they will undertake to make Socioso Needy Trust Fund (SNTF) effective and how they will make sure that the funds benefits the right people (the needy and not students looking for some extra cash) in the Department of English. Since the welfare committee of Association of Students of English, KNUST is not visible, the aspirants were asked to account for the cause and how they intended to make the welfare committee visible in the day to day activities of students.

Further, Mr. Lawrence Babatunde required from the aspirants on how they planned to coordinate with the financial and general secretary as running presidents on ensuring that their activities are transparent to the members of the association owing to the fact that information is a keen element to transparency.

The Membership Manager of YAFO-KNUST, Miss Rita Aikins quizzed each presidential aspirant on how they were going to leverage for internship slots for members of the Association of Students of English, KNUST. In addition, Miss Aikins asked the aspirants how they intended to solve the lack of teaching and learning materials such as problem of insufficient and readiness of projectors in the department. At the end of the debate between the promising candidates, opportunity was given to the audience to ask the aspirants questions on anything they did wanted enlightenment on.

After this questions and answers session, the debate was brought to a close by Mr. Kokroko Jesse the coordinator of YAFO-KNUST. He stressed the need for the next administration of leaders to look out for the best interest of their people and not be driven by selfish desires and personal gain as is seen on the national scale and other offices. He also begged the next group of administrators to be as transparent as possible, down to earth and approachable to their electorates. Mr. Kokroko thanked everyone for coming and after the prayer, brought the debate to a successful close.

All in all, the debate provided a common platform for aspirants to dialogue with electorates, discuss issues that affect the advancement of the English Department as well as the opportunity to analyze and criticize policies and the programs of the aspirants in order to make informed decisions during the voting period.

Find Results for the YAFO Presidential Debate with Association of Students of English below.

Thanks to the support of all YAFO and English executives as well as the student body, the debate came to a successful end without any hinge and that is more than anyone could have asked for. In this light we wish all the aspirants’ success in the upcoming elections and to all the students of ASEK-KNUST a thank you and may the remaining of your semester be as fruitful as they come.

We Are YAFO!


Stephanie Efua Yamoah

Vice President, YAFO-KNUST

Mail: Stephanieyamoah27@gmail.com

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