How African Cheetahs Eulogizing Linda Whetstone

The sudden demise of Linda Whetstone on 15th December 2021 was really unexpected and a huge blow to the freedom fraternity. The cold hand of death has taken an oak from liberty lovers around the globe. She was a shining star of liberty and she dedicated her life to support liberty all over the world.

Linda Whetstone played a tremendous role in seeing many more people understand governance and economic development in a simplified way, which was done through CDs of the Ideas of a Free Society.  She had Africa at heart and wanted to see prosperity on the continent through the climate of freedom and property rights driving the change. She devoted her time, energy, and resources to bring people together to create for themselves a society that rewards efforts, accountability as a fulcrum for progress, and where property ownership is protected to lift many more from poverty.

She saw no limitations in supporting Africa to lead that prosperous agenda. From Ghana to Tanzania, Uganda to Kenya, South Sudan to Egypt to Nigeria, Sierra Leone to Namibia, Ivory Coast to Malawi, Cameroon to South Africa, and to more repressive countries on the continent. Linda wanted freedom for the population to prosper. She has left us but we still find her on the continent.

Here are some tributes from vibrant individuals within the freedom network in Africa.

You were such an inspirational, caring and supporting person. We will miss you but your vision will remain with us mama Linda Whetstone’

John Mustapha Kutiyote, Sudan

‘Linda Whetstone a true champion of Liberty movement has rested. An astute libertarian and builder of libertarian movement worldwide. I’m honored to have known you and worked with you. May you rest in eternal peace and our thoughts are with Atlas network family and the entire libertarian movement. RIP’

Rotich Mike, Kenya

Linda has been very instrumental in the transitional growth and sustainability of free market start-up think tanks in Africa. Through the Africa Journalist for Economic Training (AJEOT), which started in 2017 and supported by Linda in Ghana, 150 journalists and policy enthusiasts across Africa have benefited and demonstrated profound understanding of helping create a free prosperous society. Though we will miss her more than ever before, the CDs and books she donated are still with thousands of Cheetahs on the continent including Ghana. It has transformed thinking and made others entrepreneurs and will continue to cause the necessary changes for Africa’s prosperity”

Peter Bismark Kwofie, Ghana

‘I am so sad that Linda Whetstone is no longer with us. The first time I met her, it felt as if I had known her for years. Her charm and warmth was in every interaction she had. In her chats, in her emails. Everything. There is something about her the made you feel at ease. On a personal note, I am what I am today because, the International Policy network now, Ideas for a Free Society which she was eternally committed to sponsored an essay competition whilst I was still an undergraduate. It opened a world of possibilities for me, like it did for thousands of others.  Rest well my friend. I am glad I shared moments with you.’

Ndungu Njeru, Kenya

I’m heartbroken! Just learned of the passing of Linda Whetstone, the other mother I had and the freedom movement’s most dedicated supporter and networker! No!

Franklin Cudjoe, Ghana

‘I met Madam Linda Whetstone during Atlas’s Leadership for Liberty Training Program in 2014 in New York. I was on the verge of initiating a local Free Market Think Tank Uhuru Initiative for Policy Education – UIPE and we discussed about programs that we will be running especially those which focused on university students’ outreach. She was impressed and offered a grant to publish liberty themed books and duplicate the Ideas for A Free Society CDs through her organization Network for A Free society. Since then Linda continued to support our organization through modest grants, personal mentorship and latest as a member of our Advisory Board. Today morning when I learned about her passing away I knew that we have lost one of the important pillars of the Free Market movement. You will forever be in my thoughts Madam Linda. Rest in eternal peace.’

Isack Danford, Tanzania

‘Linda Whetstone can’t breathe anymore but her long term dedication to Freedom will continue free many people out the unnatural system that enslaves many people in the World.’

John Socrate Mugabe, Uganda

‘Hard to believe! Difficult to think about it! Impossible to last a minute without tears flowing in my eyes. It’s very difficult for me personally because you were a parent to me. I remember our last discussion in Miami on Tuesday night about our families as a love between a child and his mom. I don’t know exactly what’s going on but know that I will keep at heart your love for freedom, your advice and the new to defend the cause of a free society with greater energy… We will never stop fighting for a free society.

Linda Whetstone never die. You will live forever in us!’

Aimable Manirakiza, Burundi

‘…You were a person to details and always spoke out your mind; You used to tell me, say it, you don’t need to agree if you think otherwise, and that makes you a mother of liberty. You have never missed our events without a strong reason. You dedicated your life to learning and supporting others’

Evan Exaud, Tanzania

‘We need to have a memorial service for Linda Whetstone in Africa. She is an angel’

Mustapha Cole, Sierra Leone

‘The Sharp Memories of a selfless, Supportive, Loving, caring and Concrete Champion of Freedom and Liberty still sound hard. Even if some of us never got a chance to physically meet her, we yet learnt a lot from her kind works, passion, zeal, dedication and love for Freedom and Liberty. We have become more and better grounded to also champion the Classical Liberal ideas for a better Africa and World. Thank you for Inspiring and Supporting Many of us’

Denis Bua Oscar, Uganda

‘Linda Whetstone! I can’t believe you are gone so soon. The liberty movement will miss a great Icon like you”

Sanni Johnson Babatunde, Nigeria

‘The most inspiring, most generous, humblest lady I have ever known. Our mentor has left us. Her tireless fight for freedom remains in our hearts! Let us a make a commitment to take up the torch at our humble level!’

Gise̛le Dutheuil, Cote D’lvoire

‘It is with great sadness that the free world has just lost a great lady who dedicated her life to defending the oppressed all over this planet and dedicated herself to supporting peace, but also individual rights and freedoms. Of course Linda is no more, but her spirit and soul will continue to light our hearts, and especially all the young and younger she inspired and supported will be there to carry out her great work’’

El Moussaoui Hitcham, Morocco

‘Linda Whetstone, a friend, a coach, an activist of liberalism. A lifetime dedicated to promoting economic rights. And suddenly death. She remains in her commitment, her words to all those she supported. Lots of memories! One month after our brotherly bond with Peter Bismark from Ghana, you promised me 1000 books and CDs to share in my country’s universities. Unfortunately, the Guinean authorities have stepped down. In spite of everything, you pressed hard and sent me a hundred books via Abidjan. You told me a year ago, the revolution is leading in the field of ideas. Our duty is to remain true to your fight, to the end’

Ahmad Tejan Barry, Guinea

Our team at Young African for Opportunities (YAFO) is deeply sad about the passing on of Linda Whetstone. Her life impacted us and the liberty movement globally. To us, she will forever be the light of hope that nourished many ideas to grow for liberty.

RIP, Linda Whetstone.

Article by

Nathaniel Dwamena

He is the co-founder and programs manager at Young Africans for Opportunities and engages in activities that promote free market, property right, and blockchain advocacy in Ghana. He is also R&D Manager at Institute for Liberty and Policy Innovation (ILAPI), Community Advisor, Cardano Project Catalyst, and Member, WADA-Ghana.

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