The Arting for Liberty Project Launched in Ghana

Young Africans for Opportunities Arting for Liberty program has finally taken off!

For a maiden event, it registered tremendous success.The event which was in two phases took place at the Kumasi Anglican Senior High School on 25th May, 2019 in Ghana.

Arting for Liberty is a project which empower talented individuals, mainly students, young professionals and entrepreneurs to communicate the benefits of a free society in the most convincing yet interesting manner. Through this program, the benefits of and the consequences of undermining the principles of liberty such as free markets, property rights, individual liberty, the rule of Law and limited governments are artistically communicated through music, films, drawings, painting, poetry, and spoken word.

Arting for Liberty provide the platform to educate artists on the ideas of freedom and encourage such individuals to use their talents to question status quo that stifle innovations and creativity to creating a prosperous society.

The maiden event had about fifteen (15) participants. Phase two of the program was characterized by exhibition of drawings that depict the concept of liberty and demonstrate the relationship between freedom and creativity, innovation and prosperity.

Our first event only featured sketch artists. We will work towards widening the scope to   include painters, poets, thespians and musicians, to advance the ideas of freedom through their works, for a prosperous Africa.

Participants were excited about this new project that allows them to express themselves through art and at the same time, effect positive change in their society. They were also thrilled to learn that through such platforms, they stand a chance to sell their artistic works for profit!

For us at YAFO, this is a great way to draw more people on the side of liberty!

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