YAFO Commence Africa Entrepreneurship Training Online

Young Africans for Opportunities (YAFO) has commenced the new Africa Entrepreneurship Training, April 2020. As COVID-19 pandemic unfolded and with the hope that there would be light at the end of the tunnel, we will surely need entrepreneurs to build-back economies. Therefore, participants selected competitively for the course should take advantage of the excellent and flexible modules and activities the training offers.

The New Africa Entrepreneurship Training is a course organized in collaboration between YAFO and The NET program at Regent University, Virginia – USA to provide the adequate and requisite knowledge and entrepreneurial opportunities for the young generation in Africa. The training is a 7-week online course with activities scheduled for each day of the first 5 weeks. The way to get the most out of this course is to do each activity as assigned, complete all the readings, and watch all the videos, but the real learning will take place in weeks 6 and 7 when you apply all these skills to your business. This is very much a learn by doing experience and although we believe you will learn a lot in these first 5 weeks, the most vital part of this course will be the execution of the plan in weeks 6 and 7 to make your ideas reality.

In all, 40 individuals were selected from 8 countries across Africa to participate in the Africa Entrepreneurship Training. The countries include Ghana, Guinea, Liberia, Kenya, Nigeria, Namibia, Sierra Leona, and Uganda. We hope that all participants would complete the course successfully at the end of the 7-week. Also, YAFO is advancing plans to support best participants with an achievable business proposal with seed capital at the end of the training.

Entrepreneurship is about helping others, finding what they need and how to provide those needs in a profitable way using your talent. YAFO is an organization seeking to enable opportunities by breaking barriers for young Africans. We will continue to come your way with free and innovative opportunities.

Article by

Nathaniel Dwamena

He is the Programs Manager at Young Africans for Opportunities (YAFO)

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