Driver Mo 2022 Report on Vehicle Insurance Experiences in Ghana is Successfully Launched by YAFO

The Young Africans for Opportunity (YAFO) launched the “Driver Mo 2022 Report” An Exploratory Report on Motor Vehicle Insurance Experiences in Ghana at Accra on Wednesday, January 25, 2023. Present at the gathering was Mr. Charles Ansong Dankyi, Senior Manager in charge of Marketing and External Relations of the National Insurance Commission (NIC), Mr. Alexander Osei Mensah, General Manager for Operations at Hollard Ghana, Mrs. Ashiokor Osei-Frimpong and Mrs. Yvonne K. Dandori representatives of AYAWASO West Municipal Assembly, Michael Adomako, FCIITechnical Operations at Star Assurance, Nda Ahale Polley, Client Complaint Manager at Ghana Insurers Association,  and Mr. Abass Imoro the Public Relations Officer of the Ghana Private Road and Transport Union (GPRTU). The launch was graced with over thirty (30) media presences including TV, Radio, Online, and Print media.

The president of YAFO, Nathaniel Dwamena, made a presentation on the “Driver Mo” Project. According to him, Driver Mo is a vehicle insurance advocacy campaign. The objective was to assess the perception and level of confidence drivers and passengers have in vehicle insurance and to identify blockage when accessing vehicle insurance claims. The cross-sectional survey was conducted in the 16 regions of Ghana with a sample size of 2,318. The data was collected between March-May 2022. The data was analyzed using quantitative and qualification tools.

According to the Driver Mo 2022 report findings, Ghanaians consider comprehensive insurance as expensive and have little to no knowledge of the benefits of the premium to car owners or drivers, much alone passengers. Per the research, 68% of Ghanaians have registered for insurance because it is mandatory and to avoid harassment from the police. 82% of Ghanaians do not file for insurance claims because of perceived bureaucratic delays and the unwillingness of insurance companies to pay claims. 63% are also unaware of the documentation required when filing insurance claims. According to the Driver Mo 2022 research, 97% of Ghanaians want insurance claims completed in less than a month.

Mr. Dwamena, President of YAFO made the following recommendations in particular insurance companies should use these vehicle insurance products to provide incentives to promote good driving. He gave an example, saying that if a person subscribes to an accident cover for 15 years and no accidents occur during that time, the insurance firm can compensate him by refunding or reducing his premium price. To address the issue of fake stickers, stakeholders should consider digitizing insurance stickers, making vehicle insurance more useful to subscribers, and making satellite offices more accessible. Again, stakeholders should consider eliminating third-party insurance and categorizing comprehensive insurance, as well as educating the public (drivers and passengers) on the importance of this type of insurance and other premiums. He urged stakeholders to put an end to police harassment. Because this activity only favors one party. Finally, he discussed the importance of building confidence between insurers and vehicle insurance subscribers.

The forum for questions and answers was opened at the end of the presentations. Mr. Osei Mensah dispelled a few misconceptions about vehicle insurance during this session. He stated that insurance revenues are not squandered, as many believe, but rather returned to society in the shape of initiatives. Among these initiatives is the remodeling of the Al-Waleed Basic Comprehensive School in Nima’s kindergarten classroom block. Hollard Ghana undertook this project.

Mr. Charles Ansong Dankyi, the launch’s chairman, complimented YAFO for their “Driver Mo 2022 Report” at the end of the presentation. He stated that, despite the fact that vehicle insurance is expected to expand by 37% by 2022, there are still obstacles that must be overcome. He emphasized the importance of a 24-hour call center, towing services, and a claim module. Concerning fraudulent stickers and determining a vehicle’s insurance status, he informed the congregation that the National Insurance Commission has created a short code *920*57#. Concerning fraudulent stickers and determining a vehicle’s insurance status, he informed the gathering that the National Insurance Commission has developed a short code *920*57#. Passengers would be notified of the state and legitimacy of the insurance by using this shortcode in conjunction with the car registration numbers. Mr. Ansong Dankyi proclaimed the Driver Mo 2022 report fully launched.

In his closing remarks, the chairman commended YAFO for their efforts in sensitizing and raising awareness. He emphasized the importance of reading policy texts in order to understand what is and is not covered by the policy.

‘the Public must read the policy document to know what is covered and what is not covered under the policy.’ Mr. Charles Ansong Dankyi – Senior Manager, National Insurance Commissioner.

Article by

Narkie M. Larnyoh

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