Opportunity Summit: Leveraging Cardano Blockchain to Rekindle Entrepreneurship Among Students

Yafo Campus Hive through its chapter at the University of Cape Coast (UCC) and in collaboration with the UCC Business Students Association (UCCABS) organized the second edition of the Opportunity Summit. The event which took place at the Jane Opoku Agyemang Auditorium, UCC Campus on the 11th of March 2023 was nothing short of a massive success. 

This year’s event centered on how the youth can leverage digital opportunities in the face of rising unemployment. With a host of outstanding speakers in the persons of Dr. Edward Nii Amarh Amarteifio- Senior lecturer at the University of Cape Coast Business School (UCCBS), Mr. Peter Asare Nyarko – Executive Director at CFLEA and Ld. Jorge Kobby, CEO of Stan Incorporated spoke to participants of the event on various subjects ranging from preparation for the job market after school, setting goals and accomplishing them, and also preparing for opportunities and performance in leadership. 

Dr. Edward Amarteifio urged participants to desist from being lax about their preparation for life after school. He hammered that with unemployment at its peak, participants would have to go the extra mile to make themselves outstanding if they want to survive in the job market. Not leaving it at that, the speaker gave several ways participants could make themselves outstanding from the crowd in the job market stating they could adopt high in demand skills, proper planning, and positioning themselves rightly. 

Mr. Peter Asare Nyarko also emphasized on important principles like budgeting, setting targets for financial goals, and calculating how much it would cost to materialize those goals. 

The third speaker for the event, Ld. Jorge Kobby spoke to participants on preparation and opportunities. He mentioned the importance of building valuable relationships which in the long run brings favorable opportunities. He further elaborated that opportunities are found in the midst of crises and unforeseen circumstances, but unfortunately, such opportunities tend to be overlooked by the youth. 

Another set of speakers, Mr. Nathaniel Dwamena, president of YAFO Institute, Mr. Nana Sarfo, a Cardano Ambassador and Miss Vincentia Asilvie Founder of Crypthority spoke to participants on numerous digital opportunities available and how they can leverage on them to make something of themselves in the face of the rising unemployment. 

The President of YAFO Institute, Mr. Nathaniel Dwamena, introduced participants to the concept of blockchain technology and the opportunities it presents especially opportunities in the Cardano ecosystem. He mentioned that blockchain community like Cardano is funding entrepreneurial ideas and edge students to venture into their entrepreneurial journey without fear. 

Mr. Nana Sarfo also added on the call on to ignite entrepreneurship. He introduced participants to Cardano Project Catalyst and how to sign up for the amazing funding opportunities that allow entrepreneurs to contribute to the Cardano Ecosystem. Finally, Vicentia Asilivie shared the game and earn opportunities with participants.

Students who were previous participants of events held by the Yafo Campus Hive were only eager to be present for this year’s opportunity summit as well as students who had not encountered YAFO in previous years being present for this particular event. More than fifty (50) participants of the event made away with free books – Divine Economy Model, The Scholar’s Journey, and Servant Leaders – and a reward of one dollar each by YAFO for punctuality and engagement in the event as promised. Participants were onboard on Yoroi Wallet where they received $1 equivalent in ADA. 

The event was a huge success and delivered opportunities to more than 150 youths as promised. This was seen from the positive feedback and rewarding comments participants gave at the end of the day. 

The Yafo Campus Hive is a program of the YAFO Institute that brings together a community of students, entrepreneurs, and young professionals passionate about free enterprise research and innovative public policy advocacy. Our mission is to provide a platform for members to connect, learn, and explore global opportunities that contribute to the creation of a prosperous society. Yafo Campus Hive 2023 edition of Opportunity Summit was sponsored by Cardano Project Catalyst, WADA, Atlas Network, Divine Economy Model, GatewayToBlockchain, and the African Institute for Defi & Blockchain.

Article by Benedicta Nelmon

Benedicta is a scholar at the YAFO Institute. As an academic and a member of the YAFO team, she contributes to the organization’s scholarly and research work. She is responsible for writing articles and website posts as well as preparation of reports.

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