YAFO Institute Appoints New Senior Researchers and Interns to affirm its Commitment to Promoting Civil Liberty and Free Enterprise in Ghana.

The YAFO Institute, renowned for its consistent commitment to fostering civil liberty, free enterprise, and prosperity in Ghana, is pleased to announce the addition of six new team members. Senior research assistants and research interns are among those who will play critical roles in advancing the institute’s mission.

As Ghana continues to pursue economic progress, individual liberties, and sustainable development, we acknowledge the need to broaden our intellectual capacities. The involvement of these outstanding and committed scholars resonates with our commitment to developing evidence-based policies that promote prosperity and growth in our beloved country. They are;

  1. Justine Kankpeyeng Guolidoman, MPhil. Economics
  2. Precious Mondial, Msc Applied Statistics
  3. Bismark Asamoah, MPhil. International Studies
  4. Josephine Ayorkor Boi-Doku, B.A Philosophy & Sociology
  5. Bright Ahun Adzowe, Bsc. Mathematics (with Economics)
  6. Rapheal Haywood, Bsc. Accounting

The senior research assistants have a wide range of experience, from economics and governance to social development and International Relations. Their knowledge will act as a catalyst for the launch of prominent research initiatives addressing crucial challenges and breaking barriers for development and prosperity. Simultaneously, research interns bring new insights and persistent excitement to the think tank. Their addition will help to create a lively research environment by fostering creative thinking and fresh ways to problem resolution.

As we continue on this exciting adventure with our expanded staff, YAFO Institute is committed to creating an open and vibrant environment for research and conversation. Our emphasis on data-driven analysis and free enterprise research will continue to guide policy deliberations and assist decision-makers in constructing a successful and vibrant Ghana.

We welcome all stakeholders, partners, and Ghanaians to join us in this endeavor. Together, we will pave the road for a future in which civil rights are protected, free enterprises thrive, and prosperity becomes a reality for everyone.


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