Book Event: Impactful Leadership in a Dynamic World: Unleashing the Power of Servant Leaders

Discover the crucial characteristics and actions of servant leaders, and look at instances from everyday life that best demonstrate these qualities.

We go out on an adventure to investigate the transforming world of servant leadership— a philosophy that transcends conventional leadership paradigms by placing service at its very core. The idea of servant leadership offers a novel perspective that connects with leaders looking to make a significant difference in a world that is rapidly evolving and where challenges come in all shapes and sizes and complexity abounds. We will explore the fundamental traits and behaviors that characterize servant leaders throughout our time together, bringing examples from actual events to powerfully convey the enormous impact of this leadership approach.

As we navigate this intellectual path and consider how servant leaders’ unflinching dedication may help create lasting transformation, strong teams, and enduring legacies. This event seeks to peel back the layers of superior leadership to enable us to succeed in the changing global environment and in particular focusing on how political leadership of Ghana can touch heart before they ask for a hand. 

Join this conversation as we interactively engage with the author of the book, Servant Leaders, in the person of Prof. Enoch Opoku Antwi. 

Date: 14th October, 2023

Time: 19:00 – 20:00 UTC

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About Special Guest – Prof Enoch Opoku Antwi

Prof. Enoch Opoku Antwi holds a Ph.D. in business organizational leadership from Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion, Indiana, and an M.S. in business organizational leadership from Mount St. Joseph University in Cincinnati, Ohio, both in the United States.

Through webinars and other virtual presentations, Prof. Antwi passionately impacts his knowledge and expertise on leadership to audiences all over the world. He is especially committed to enhancing the caliber of leadership in Ghana and the rest of the African continent, acting as a mentor to leaders and advocating for the adoption of servant leadership.

Prof. Antwi is currently the Associate Dean of Business Administration and Communication Arts at the Academic City University College. Prior to joining Academic City, he was an Assistant Professor of Leadership and Management at Viterbo University in La Crosse-Wisconsin, USA.

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