YAFO Institute is an independent public policy research organization—or think tank— with the core aims to promote libertarian ideas and free enterprise research through public policy debate and advocacy for a free and prosperous society in Ghana. YAFO Institute also undertakes activities that empower, train and inspire students, entrepreneurs, and young professionals to create for themselves a prosperous and a free and better regulatory environment. We build good collaboration with numerous institutions and think tanks in Africa and the world at large to foster and develop potentials to creating a niche of prosperity. The YAFO Institute builds a consortium to promote collaborative efforts and generate the most persuasive arguments in favor of liberty. The YAFO Institute is a nonprofit – section 8 of Company Acts (Act 992) - nonpartisan organization that conducts research and education on the value of liberty and free market enterprise.


To educate and connect students, young professionals and entrepreneurs with global opportunities through free enterprise research and innovative public policy advocacy for a prosperous society


In accordance with the equal rights of others, the YAFO Institute envisions a society in which people are typically free to arrange their lives, liberty, and possessions as they see suitable. Government is thus confined to offering a select few genuine public benefits and defending people and their property against coercion, which includes the threat or use of physical force. Our prosperity depends on the effective distribution of finite resources made possible by free markets and sound money. Markets are supported by a limited government acting in its rightful capacity to guard against coercion or fraud. We see society operating most effectively when people and nonprofit organizations assume proper responsibility for what they do and work to foster a moral ecosystem that sustains a free, constitutional order. People will thrive the most in such a free society, as will the communities in which they inhabit. Our vision is to establish a world where everyone lives in peace, prosperity, and freedom.

Who We Are

We are a team of scholars, professionals and researchers with focus on creating projects and spur policy change that bends the arc of ideas toward individual civil liberty, free enterprise, and unite Ghanaians around the ideals of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. In achieving this lofty goal, we focus on free enterprise research and public policy advocacy.

Join Us

Achieving liberty and free markets in Ghana is only feasible with the help of our committed supporters and partners. Milton Friedman posited that “a society that puts equality before freedom will get neither. A society that puts freedom before equality will get a high degree of both.” As a result, if we do not value and spread these core principles of human flourishing, we risk losing them forever.


By supporting YAFO Institute, you not only help advance research concerning the principles of individual civil liberty, free enterprise and prosperity, you also help communicate those principles to influential audience for policy change.

send proposal to partnership@yafoweb.org

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